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"Natural" is a term that isn't usually paired with "powerful and effective" when discussing acne treatments. It can be safely assumed that most acne sufferers would prefer safer acne medications with only natural, active ingredients if they were effective. Unfortunately, acne medications generally fall under one of two categories. One, they contain irritating chemicals that cause acne to worsen before it improves. Two, they contain soothing, natural ingredients that are albeit less effective. Fortunately, there is an alternative - blemish balm cream with active ingredient 4% niacinamide.

Niacinamide blemish balm cream is different because it is an acne medication that is powerful without being irritating, and safely and soothingly natural without being inadequately effective. This is possible because the blemish cream's active ingredient is not a chemical like benzoyl peroxide or a plant extract like aloe. Niacinamide is strong yet gentle. It has been proven as an effective acne treatment in a study at the New York University College of Medicine. However, the benefits of niacinamide cream extend beyond simply the safe and effective treatment of acne blemishes.

Niacinamide blemish balm cream also covers a key step in acne treatment that is often overlooked: the elimination of acne scars. The purpose in using acne medication is to cause one's skin to become and appear clearer and healthier. Even if acne blemishes are eliminated, skin will still not look clear and healthy if acne scars remain. By eliminating both acne blemishes and acne scars, niacinamide cream functions similarly to salicylic acid (second in popularity after benzoyl peroxide as a topical acne medication), but in a far safer fashion.

Niacinamide blemish balm cream is additionally beneficial because it is an all-in-one product. Not only can using products on one's skin that contain harsh chemicals further irritate skin and worsen acne, simply using too many different facial products can clog pores or cause skin to become reddened and itchy. Many acne treatment kits contain three to five pieces, including such items as masks, cleansers, harsh toners, medicated lotions and moisturizers. The beauty of niacinamide cream is in its simplicity. In using it, one eliminates both acne blemishes and scars while also moisturizing.

One highly recommended brand of niacinamide cream is Acnessential, which is renowned for not only clearing acne blemishes and scars, but also reducing fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizing and hydrating the skin, fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation, alleviating rosacea, lightening and whitening the skin, and has anti aging properties. For more information visit

Because of its practically miraculous active ingredient, niacinamide cream serves as a natural, all-in-one acne medication that strikes just the right balance between being powerful and effective, yet safe and soothing. Niacinamide cream is a highly effectual, ideal acne treatment for over 80% of people who use it, as shown in the University of New York published study. (ref: Shalita et. al. Department of Dermatology, State University of New York, College of Medicine, Brooklyn, USA. Publication date & source: 1995.06, Int J Dermatol., 34(6):434-7.)

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